Dorman Media & Consulting
A growing enterprise in the world of communications.
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DM&C provides 3 main services which are: production, media relations and consulting. These services are not limited by their description, but rather adapted to fit your business needs.


DM&C provides the highest quality work for all your business's puiblic platforms to include social media and other websites.

Media Relations

In the ever-changing fast paced world of media DM&C is vital for ensuring your companies name is professionally represented.


DM&C is a small company with experienced staff capable of helping you navigate even the most difficult of communication environments. Whether it's production help or public relations advice DM&C is a top performer in the consulting field.


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Dorman Media & Consulting is a growing business dedicated to meeting a companies communication needs. There comes a point where strategic communication and targeted branding is crucial to any company looking to expand their influence and that is our area of expertise. From small hometown start-ups to larger corporations DM&C has the capacity to help your company establish a repsected publi image. DM&C also offers production support to get your social media pages and websites operating. DM&C provides company wide strategic communnications training which gives even the most junior employee the knowledge to professionally represent your business.